Thursday, April 16, 2009

Keaton takes a photo of himself everyday for 1 day


C. Augustus Barber said...


Dear sir. You have captured the very essence of essences. The Purity of time unchanging, and the unshakable forgiveness of the present. The ironic persuasion that is temporal snapping and chaining which mobilizes present - sets it rolling, yet it never moves.

Dear sir, you highlight the uncanny partnership of the old, the new, and the now: that which has been, that which is being, and that which has yet to be. The never-ending bombardment and disposal of the future: as it races to keep the now from catching up it sheds whatever it has in a futile flight. And there is the aftermath, that which the present dodges and leaves in the wake of the future.

You Mr. KeatonKeaton, you have highlighted and blasted out of the water this fallacy that we must take presents and make them mobile.

Thank you, thank you, and again, thank you.

C. Augustus

Ardy said...

Dear keaton,

My good man. You have encapsulated the singular singularity of all other singularities. The never ceasing obsolescence of man's turgid plunge below the depths of his own soul. The incautious flirtation of death and eternity which wanders aimlessly with a sinister purpose.

Good fellow, you have struck an unflappable chord upon which the skies have shaken, exposing their rafters and retracting the light that once pierced through the immortal wilderness of decay and into my soul. The clouds which cave in upon themselves and cascade down to earth in a heavenly descent of despair. And in the cold embrace of unanswered questions, the mathematical heaps of unpleasantness waver and nip at my flanks as a final insult to the lifeless gesture.

You Mr. 999, you have uprooted and absconded the intrinsic notion entrenched in all human psyches that Santa Claus in on his Sleigh, Doo-dah Doo-dah.

Damn you, damn you, and damn you to hell.

Too Long; Did Not Read

Anonymous said...

You Sir are funny. This is your dad by the please pick another day and comb your hair.

Anonymous said...

K9, this is your father. It's nice to know that you got my good genes

I agree with your dad, comb your hair, or brush it if you will. You can use my boar-bristle brush if you wish.

Will you be late for supper next Tuesday? If you're on time we won't hide the cake!

Anonymous said...

fuck tyou and poopa stick likcc fuckk

Anonymous said...

OH YEAH i see Amindlessidiot's Gabbly avatar up there. what a fuck, sucking up to you that extensively. FUCK HIM. FUCK YOU. GO BACK TO YTMND THEN BACK TO 4 CHAN i have the worst gas right now. :)