Thursday, May 21, 2009

Weekly-Song #15 - "Holiday for Strings (remix)"

What week am I supposed to be on? ARGH!!!@#!#@ I am REALLY getting behind now. And to make up for it all, I present you with a 30 second song. YES, 30 seconds. The project file is rather convoluted so I assume I'll never go back to trying to extending it, BUT who knows!

Just think of this 30 second song as one of those short intermediate tracks you find on a CD that isn't really a song, but is usually just the band saying something or a strange sound clip.

Funtastic Power! - Holiday for Strings (remix of a track by The Voices Of Walter Schumann)


1 comment:

max said...

i was gonna comment on the site you used this on but i didn't want too so lol

i like this track

that's all