Saturday, April 10, 2010

Lots of unfinished songs

I haven't posted anything for a long time. I decided to post previews of some songs that I haven't finished yet (and some of these I may never finish!)

3) Tron


C. Augustus Barber said...


Do you know how much it disappoints us to not have new songs? There are people in this world who practically worship you and all of your art - your comics, your movies (even funny short films like 'Pair of normal Activities' - which was hilarious).

Keaton, you have a corner on the market of abstract tastes. I am a regular patron.

You wanna know what's funny? It's not because of your name. We love your crafts because they fill a void in our soul and ring true and brilliant. It is not because we have grown accustomed to your face and automatically expect to be entertained, and thus we are. Get this - Once upon a time, I happened upon a video in which a strawberry tormented an adorable baby man, and then the baby smashed that little bastard(forgive me for my language. That strawberry was from hell). I thought this was a RIOT. Some time later (I'm talking a couple years, here), I discovered keatonkeaton999 through ytmnd, and I fell in love.

I couldn't resist your style and proceeded to listen to your music, celebrate it, and share it with/inflict it upon others. I can't say that everyone in the world loves what you do, but the love and dedication housed in this man alone, C. Augustus, is enough to supply a whole continent of simpletons who know not/love not your creations.

Honestly, I believe that you are a tool sent by the gods to deliver humanity a new sound and a new style, and you are fulfilling your purpose, as has been prophesied (see John Titor). But lately, I feel like you're falling down on the job. Perhaps this is what the gods have planned - for there to be a dearth of KeatonKreations for an extended period to weed out the unworthy and untrue followers who stick around merely for what they consider to be "the good stuff" which to them is neither good nor awesome, but novel.

Keaton Monger, YOU ARE NOT A NOVELTY! You are a way of life.

You are MY way of life.

Keaton, for as long as the gods see fit to inflict upon the mortal masses this drought of KeatonRain and famine of KeatonGrain, I will hang tough and survive. Though the crop which is produced is consisting of a meager helping of unfinished songs, we shall perservere.

We shall follow you Keaton - to the ends of the earth follow you.

We shall stick with you - to the end of time stick with you.

Keaton, perhaps you've been in Happyland, and that's okay because you deserve a break once in a while. We are grateful for all that you've done for us, all of the music that you have produced, and other elements of your craft. Whenever your happiness meter is all filled up, we will welcome you back with open arms, and you will still have your job. (even though the meeting started 2000 hours ago)

(seriously, I just did the math - it's been EXACTLY 2000 hours and 34 minutes since you posted the last completed song - how awesome is that?!)

PatienceKing said...

lol niec blog poast 360 US days ago. its almost lkie ur the procrastinationking KETEN HTFU AND MAEK 10 SONGS NAOW@@!!

keatonkeaton999 said...

i dont procrastinate on making music. the fact that i've made any songs at all is a sign of how much procrastination i do from my real work.

Gazaela said...


Anonymous said...

Seriously good stuff, thanks for unleashing the crazy musicness unexpectedly upon my ears. Also congrats on being famous enough to get a reply like that one up there *points to first post* ... *shudders*

You are awesome though :)