Sunday, August 14, 2011

Cute Kitten Video (please watch)

Hey people. I am currently co-directing and co-producing a feature length comedy film which I co-wrote titled "Cute Kitten Video (please watch)". The website for the film is here.

We are roughly one week into filming and I'm very happy with how it's coming along!

If you'd like to follow updates on the film follow our twitter account and facebook page!

Here's a brief description of the film:

Cute Kitten Video (Please Watch) is a comedy movie written by Josh Luckenbach and Keaton Monger that is currently in production. Luckenbach and Monger are also directing and producing the film. The story follows two high school students (Stewart and JW) and two bumbling high school security officers (Tom and Ted). While Stewart and JW are working on a time machine for the science fair, Tom and Ted are constantly getting into trouble for being incompetent. When Ted unexpectedly dies and the school bully drugs JW’s punch at the dance, Tom is forced to go back into time to save his job. But when Tom runs into his past self and past Ted, they only cause more trouble.


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