Monday, February 9, 2009

Weekly-Song #6 - "n00born (adaptation of Muse)"

Wow, releasing these things once a week really makes me realize how quickly time passes by. It's unbelievable that we are on week 6 of this year already.

As with the Wroclai song, I am once again torn on how to label this song. The repeating chords of the song are based on the opening to Muse's song "New Born." Other than that, none of the melodies, style, or lack of lyrics are similar to that song at all. I will label this as an ADAPTATION OF MUSE.

I have been working on this since October. It is much longer than songs I usually make, and I think it turned out awesome! I especially like the orchestrated part at 2:39.

Funtastic Power! - n00born (adaptation of Muse)



Anonymous said...

For what one anonymous user's opinion is worth, I think this is pretty sick- as in uber. Unfortunately, though, I'm not a hot chick, but I urge them to contact Keaton asap.

banAnna said...

From ducks on the moon to your present work, I've always been a fan (I refuse to let go of Mejezfeld). It's really great that you are releasing songs once a week, as every song has been AWESOME!

I apologize for asking this, as you have probably posted policies somewhere that is obvious, but is it at all possible to use these songs for (non-profit) animations? With due credit to you of course!

keatonkeaton999 said...

Yes, use them and share them!

Conradek said...

I am new to the bloggin world but I have followed you from Newgrounds and this is my new favorite song!
I have a weird taste, but this is the only song I like so far =(
I'll wait for similar songs!