Sunday, February 15, 2009

Weekly-Song #7 - "Anniversary"

I first started making this song in late 2007, to release as the one year anniversary song for Funtastic Power! on January 7th, 2008. Now, the 2nd year anniversary has passed, and I'm not releasing it until today!!! If you're a stalkerish fan-boy or sexy fan-girl you will recognize this song because I have put it on at least one surprisingly high rated (and high viewed) YTMND and released an almost finished version on

The song is still called Anniversary, and is still celebrating the ONE year anniversary of Funtastic Power! from over a year ago. Ah, how far I have come from the release of those first few songs. I don't actually remember which songs were the first songs. I know "Level 1" is supposed to be the first one, and apparently, according to my ancient news post, there were 10 released on the first day. NICE

I promise that I have a lot of releases queued up that are not just more completed versions of songs I've had done for, literally, years. I just continue to hold off on my favorite songs I'm working on because I feel like they have a lot of potential to be even better!! The Muse one from last week is one of the good ones though. Go back and listen to it, if you haven't already!



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