Saturday, March 21, 2009

Weekly-Song #11 - "Hotel Mario (dance remix)"

SO I GOT A WEEK BEHIND ON MY WEEKLY SONGS. Meaning my goal is to release one more song, besides this one, by the end of the weekend.

This week's (last week's) song is a dance remix of the theme to Hotel Mario. If you haven't heard of Hotel Mario, look it up on the internet (

Here is the MP3:

Funtastic Power! - Hotel Mario (dance remix).mp3


also, this seems like one of those songs that I will randomly come across on youtube later, so this seems like a semi-good place to say: you may use my songs for videos as long as you're not making money, and you clearly credit me for the music with a link to my website (


Anonymous said...

Keaton, if you put out songs this great it doesn't matter if they're a yearly affair.

Mike said...

So awesome. I really dig your style. It's just so fun.

kingofsouls said...

SOmethign is up with teh download. I click the link, but then WIndows Media player pops up , but it won't play.

keatonkeaton999 said...

Right click on the link and choose "save target as..." or "save link as..." to download it