Monday, March 2, 2009

Weekly-Song #9 - "summerX"

First of all, happy anniversary to this blog which I started exactly 1 year ago today!

Now onto the Weekly-Song.

I started this one to celebrate the beginning of Summer 2008! Unfortunately, it took me 9 or 10 months to get around to finishing this. I released a semi-finished version on newgrounds in November, where it seems to have been well received. That's also where it got the title "summerX" rather than just "summer" because that title had already been taken. I particularly like this track, I HOPE YOU DO TOO!

Funtastic Power! - summerX.mp3


Also, side note:

I released a song for YTMND, about YTMND comments. It's called "prairiedogeric10 reads comments (fun times mix)". If you'd like to be a wonderful person, you can purchase it for 99 cent on my music page. It's certainly not the greatest track you're ever going to hear from me, but think of it as my retarded gift to you, for a very generous dollar donation (which I really will appreciate). I plan on selling more appealing songs in the future, but for right now, I'd like to give out all my favorite stuff for free.


hkk said...

I love it.

RetroReviewer said...

I like it, all them sound the same tho. Make longer vids too. Big time fan, ever since the start.

banAnna said...

This song is absolutely gorgeous! Thank you so much for posting this, it's being a huge inspiration!